Saturday, November 04, 2006

Humor I Have Known

Hereupon follows a short summary of what I have learned in my short time comping (applying) for the humor magazine Satire V:

September 11th: Too Soon.
Conspiracy theories about September 11th: Funny.
North Korea: Funny.
North Koreans: Tragic.
Kim Jong-Il: Funny.
Communism: Funny.
Anti-Semitism: Funny.
War in Lebanon: Tragic.
Hezbollah: Funny.
HIV: Not Funny.
Herpes: Funny.
Gonorrhea: Funnier.
Syphilis: Funniest.
Baseball, Freedom, Apple Pie: America. Also funny.
Finals Clubs: Funny.
Date Rape: Not funny. Unless it's to do with Finals Clubs.
Feminism: Funny.
Harvard College Women's Center: Great kitchen (Fact).
Terrorism: Sometimes funny.
The TSA: Always funny.
Obscenities: Funny.
Specificity: Funny.
Post-Structuralism: Funny if (like me) you only pretend to know what it means.
Hitler: Not funny. Okay, kind of funny, but not okay.
Stalin: Funny.
Mussolini: Hilarious.

I knew I'd learn something at Harvard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copulsky you know who this is and you are avoiding my distress beacon like the motherfucking plague. Write a fucking article for the paper you started please!! Or at least confirm that you cannot. Either response will do.

Much love,

11/25/2006 12:09 AM  

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